3D CHAMPS is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) youth program that helps young men get on and stay on the right path in life. We help our youth transition from being young boys to being young men. Our main objective is to serve as their coaches and mentors for life by building a bond that will last a lifetime.


The goal is to save them all, but if we can only save one, let that one be you.



Founder: Nate Curry

CEO: Lateefah Goodjoines

Director of Football Operations: Dunta Robinson

Director of Sports Training: Tony Campbell


Chairman: Nate Curry

Director: Lateefah Goodjoines

Director: Tony Campbell


3D CHAMPS will serve as a trendsetting organization that focuses on the needs of today's youths. We will create and maintain a community of consistent love, care, mentorship, and advisement that engages young men who face challenging life circumstances and decisions. Our staff embraces the multitude of complexities that arise when serving a dynamic group of young men that come from a variety of backgrounds.We will save the young men who are heading down the wrong path in life by redirecting their focus towards productive activities. We will support and guide the young men who are on the right path in life, by taking what they have and making it better. Our work revolves around taking the positive desires of our youth and turning them into goals that have been achieved, thus leaving an everlasting impact on our youth, their families, and their communities.

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